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Gone for a Soldier February 9, 2015: The Whitney Awards announced today that Marsha Ward’s prequel in the Owen Family Saga, Gone for a Soldier, was named a 2014 Finalist in the category of Historical Fiction. Congratulations! Winners will be announced on May 16 in Provo, Utah.

"Marsha Ward's deep characters and attention to detail are sure to please the reader, and drag them into a world they don't want to leave."
~C. Michelle Jeffries, author of the Chrysalis series

"Gone for a Soldier tells the fate of members of three families living in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley during the onslaught of the Civil War. Marsha Ward brings to life characters whose hopes and dreams, and everyday cares are overshadowed by war-torn events spinning their lives out of control and changing them forever. Gone for a Soldier will make you laugh, and bring a lump to your throat."
~Bill Markley, Civil War reenactor and author of Deadwood Dead Men
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